10 Ways To Better Irish Football

It’s always time for change in Irish football, irrespective of the current successes (or not) of the senior team. Here are ten things we think need action in order to cull the rot, and transition to real progress.

Muzzling The Great Dane

It's been 15 long years since we graced the world stage in Korea and Japan. Copenhagen is HUGE. Who is going to start for us? How are we going to subdue Eriksen? Will O'Neill through a curveball? Our two cents.

Dane-ger here!

We celebrated progression in Cardiff. We breathed a sign of relief when we drew the Danes. Now, we take a look at exactly what it is we've got ourselves into: a proud footballing nation, with a history of footballing purity. This team may not follow all Danish rules, but they're damn good. 

Opposition Watch: Wales

The Welsh are pretty confident that they'll be the ones celebrating tonight. We caught up with Scott Salter of In Bed With Maradona and Welsh football blog Y Ddraig to look ahead to this massive massive game in Cardiff tonight. 

Austria Preview Podcast

We caught up with the lads at Red Heart Blue Blood for a chat about:

  • Where we can hurt Austria;
  • Should Randolph be dropped?;
  • Whether LOI players should be in the National squad; and
  • eh Sean Maguire's girlfriend.

We Need To Talk About Jeff

Jeff Hendrick came of age at Euro 2016. He stood tall, and was an outstanding performer for us. Since then though, his performances have been meek at best. What has contributed to this? Is his place actually under threat? 

Martin, Unleash the Youth

We had the oldest squad at EURO 2016 and have seen little evolution of the squad in the time since. Tonight is a great opportunity to integrate some of our younger players into the world of international football.